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Product parameters

Voltage / power: 220V/60W

Water making speed: 62.4L/H (25℃)

Hydraulic pressure: 0.1-0.4MPa

Applicable ambient temperature: 5℃-40℃

Applicable water: municipal tap water (GB5749)

 Product highlights

Exquisite appearance:

Streamlined body and the perfect combination of tempered glass, presented to consumers a beautiful scenery.

The structure of science:

Use the built-in transformer or external power supply are very convenient, set the voice hole dedicated to satisfy the special needs of individual customers. The filter bottle and the box body are both separated and unified in harmony, which brings great convenience to the after service.

Strong ability to accept pollution:

The general 10 inch filter instead of sodium Korean filter dirty ability weak, greatly prolong the service life of the filter core and reduce the use cost.

A large amount of water:

Filter bottle with 3 minutes fast, large water flow.

Installation shortcut:

The quick connector, saving time and labor.

Maintenance is simple:

do not have to open the box, a wrench to complete the filter cartridge, the installation is convenient.

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